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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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VA ship toke is useless for anyone who already has received a VA ship the way i understand it. personally I can live with it, since I got 250 emblems on 8 toons before they pulled that one...
Sucks in an "i got mine, screw you" kinda way. Can you explain how you think it works? I mean, appears to be true, as I just collected my 500 day reward yesterday, and I don't appear to be able to get a VA ship, but why is that?

Why would they lock that out like that and call it a reward? Seems if you're collecting a 500-day reward, it's probably a good guess that your character might be a VA (what with the severe lack of content and short time it takes to get there), so why give something that's useless to VA ranks?

It's ok for alternate toons, I guess, as they won't have to grind to get that ship when they get to VA, but that really sucks compared to what used to be the reward. Heck, until they dicked with it, that VA ship was free when you hit VA anyway, so this only helps restore something they TOOK from us.

One logistical question: any chance if I dropped my VA ship, the token would kick in and let me buy another one? Or is this entire thing geared towards the F2P release, and useless right now either way? Since I've got the Galaxy-X, my galaxy class exploration cruiser is kinda pointless, and wanted to try to get a Defiant instead...
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