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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

That's understandable. But I still think they went overboard with making him a jerk. If it had been toned down to the point where he was a likeable curmudgeon like Archie Bunker or Al Bundy, the episode would work much better for me. He would be likeable some of the time, allowing us to want Kira to find that third option. However, he'd also be unlikeable some of the time, allowing us to somewhat forgive Kira for burning down his house and evicting him.

As it stands, I don't like him any of the time and that's the problem. I should feel at least some sympathy for the man (as I said, a man getting kicked out of his own house should illicit some tender feelings in me, especially when it's his own government that's doing it to him). Instead, a large part of me is happy when Kira torches all his belongings and kicks his ass off to Bajor.

Now, take Bunker and Bundy - they're both sexist, bigoted, superficial scumbags. But they both have redeeming qualities. For example, they are both utterly devoted to their families and will willingly walk through fire for them. I remember one episode of All in the Family where Archie, despite all his troubles with Meathead, doesn't even bat an eye when he needs help paying some medical bills - Meathead is family and so Archie supports and helps him without a second thought. And all through Married with Children, Al is constantly coming to his family's rescue and defending their honor, even though they all treat each other like dirt. Mullibok needed some qualities like that.
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