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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

Thanks for the comments everyone. As for the position of the dish, I like it off center, a little asymmetry breaks up the mirror effect. As for landing pads, I'm leaning towards no. I realize that in the concept drawings the antennae are only deployed when the primary hull is shown on a planet's surface, however, I really don't see a need for that in a universe with transporters and shuttlecraft. So why did I bother with the dish at all, just more of nod to the original concept and I thought it might generate some thoughtful speculation as to what it's purpose actually is. Is it another deflector? A sensor array? Communications? A weapon? I'm just going to leave the explanation blank for now. I'm planning on getting some work done on it this weekend so hopefully I'll have some more pics up soon. In the mean time...

Some other stuff I'm working on...

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