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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I like Progress but it has one huge problem for me. That is, I honestly don't know what to make of the character of Mullibok. If the writers' intention was to make me dislike him than "mission accomplished" because I can't stand the guy. However, while watching the episode, I honestly get the impression that we are, in fact, supposed to like him - that we're meant to see him as a cranky, curmudgeonly guy we can recognize. I don't see that at all. There's a fine line between being a loveable curmudgeon (Archie Bunker or Al Bundy) and downright being a prick. Mullibok crosses that line, IMHO. So, in the end, I'm left confused as whether to root for him or Kira.

Now, that being said, the episode offers up some stuff that I could really sink my teeth into (in a good way). Given my political leanings, the idea of a guy being forcibly thrown out of his home which he built with own two hands for reasons which don't affect him by his own government is something I could get passionate about. However, from a storytelling standpoint, it all depends on my liking Mullibok, and I don't.

The ultimate saving grace here that rises the episode to "above average" is it's development of Kira, as others have already pointed out. God bless TPTB for putting one of our heroes in a no-win situation and letting it be. I might not agree with forcing a man out of his home, but it does make for good storytelling.
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