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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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EDIT: Oh, and it was about time we got another Kira-centric episode. One of the show's best characters - if not the best - and who I often thought could do with a little more First Season attention than she got.
I don't know that Kira can really be said to be underused in season one, though most of her episodes are at the beginning and the end of the season... Past Prologue, Progress, Duet. And she's prominent in Battle Lines and In the Hands of the Prophets as well.

Actually what stands out to me is how much better, generally speaking, the Kira/Bajor episodes are than anything else on the show at this point, with the exception of Quark/Odo banter, which is sprinkled throughout.

That's probably why the writers went with a similarly themed mini-arc for the beginning of season two.
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