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Re: Question about Batman's tactic in Dark Knight

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I can buy the ferry with the "normal people" not blowing up the other boat. Maybe. With some degree of squinting. Perhaps.

But the prisoners so totally would have nuked the other boat.

That's why they're prisoners in the first place.

They're not nice people.
Well... First off the prisoners didn't have control of the detonator, the warden/police did and were holding the prisoners at bay with weapons. Saying prisoners "aren't nice people" is sort of mis-representing prisoners they could be any mix of people imprisoned for any number of reasons. And I actually liked what happened on the prisoner side of things with the guy taking the detonator and just tossing it out the window.
Yeah, the scene was mostly about challenging your preconceptions by having the frightening criminal be the one who makes the clear moral choice, so in that sense I can see how people might find it a bit preachy and unrealistic, but I still liked it.

In regards to Set Harth's point, while they were a bunch of murderers, enforcers, and thugs, no one wants to be manipulated, not even criminals.

I could also easily see someone who might have no compunction against murdering a rival or a witness be opposed to being forced to commit the mass murder of innocent people by a terrorist. The mob has helped out during national, regional, or local crises before, even while still being scumbag criminals and opposing law enforcement (see the Japanese Yakuza's volunteerism during the recent Japanese earthquake/tsunami for one example). You can be a dirtbag and still do the moral thing every once in a while.
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