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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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-Craig will finally get a gunbarrel to open his film.
I'd rather see them do something like what they did in CR, a cold open followed by a gunbarrel sequence. QoS missed a huge opportunity to start a new tradition. They could have cut out that dull opening car chase and started the movie with Bond chasing down the Quantum assassin, then turned the part where he shot the assassin into a gunbarrel sequence leading into the opening credits.
They did that in the video game version of QoS.

However, I think that would get old and would pigeon hold writers to come up with ways to integrate that as the ending for all the credits, in addition to forcing the title song to have a "booming" start to it (could you imagine "Nobody Does it Better" coming directly after a gun-barrel sequence? It would sound so awkward).
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