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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

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So the consensus is that the "missing" action scenes in "To Brave the Storm" are the editors fault? I find it hard to believe that ANY editor would eliminate a compelling action scene to reduce a book's length.
I don't think that's an accurate assessment. It's not like those scenes were written and then cut out. There was going to be a trilogy, but economic and logistical factors beyond the author's and editor's control required them to reduce it to two books. The editor thus told the author that he only had one book to finish it, and presumably the author, with guidance and input from the editor, decided how to cut the outline down to fit in one book -- what to keep and what to skip -- and then wrote that book from the revised outline.

Then they should have cut out some of Vissian chapters or even the part with Mayweather, Garnet, and Picard on the Martian surface in favor of those missing action scenes. There was plenty of slow and meaningless material in the book that could/should have been cut out in favor of some action sequences that would have picked up the pace a little. Just because the series was trimmed down from 3 to 2 doesn't mean this was the best way to execute it.

Imagine Ent season 3 if the attack on Florida wasn't shown but it was just mentioned in dialog. That is what happened in the book. Sure this action scene isn't essential, but it reminds you of your protagonists' motivation and those events are so pivotal that they really need to be shown.
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