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Re: Question about Batman's tactic in Dark Knight

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Saying prisoners "aren't nice people" is sort of mis-representing prisoners they could be any mix of people imprisoned for any number of reasons.
These are criminals put away by Dent, if I'm not mistaken. They're hardcore felons, not people rounded up for unpaid parking tickets or smoking a doobie.
Dent was the DA, strictly speaking any criminal put in prison was "put there by him." And even if it was part of the large mob take down, that could range from the mob bosses to the made men down to the soldiers. So anything from crime-lords to the bitches who do the grunt work in the mob. They were also prisoners so, no, they wouldn't be the guys in jail for unpaid tickets or smoking a J, but still in prison there's ranges of criminals from people with too many DUIs, to car thieves up to your murderers.
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