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Re: Save Enterprise Profic!

I Like the Tos books they don't get published as often as the Tng books do on a regular basis. I'd like to see less TNG era Typhon pact books baing published . And I'd like to see more stand alone books from the different series like Enterprise,TOS,ds9, Voyager books or short story anthologies being writtena nd Published.I've enjoyed reading the Myriad universe novels and Mirror universe books having a variety books with different types of stories is badly needed.The TNG ERA stories are like a broken record they're all the same story every novel just a different fill in the blank alien species and planet in crisis every book stay with the Federation or join the Typhon pact.That type of book gets boring really quickly. It's not the type of Star Trek books I want to read any more.Bring back favorite characters like Data that the fans miss they want to see again in the novels.
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