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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I agree with the general sentiment of the thread so far: all else aside, what makes Progress much better than The Storyteller is the way it uses Bajor - not as a planet-of-the-week with the rather moronic and petty local troubles (which is TNG all over, much as I love TNG) - but as a wounded planet with serious global issues that's in the process of making hard decisions about what its independence is going to look like. It's an interesring comparison between the episodes' handling of the setting, and Progress is the contender that both truly understands the potential of that setting and offers a serious, respectful portrayal of Bajorans as a troubled people.

EDIT: Oh, and it was about time we got another Kira-centric episode. One of the show's best characters - if not the best - and who I often thought could do with a little more First Season attention than she got. I suppose my (justified or not?) perception of her underuse also reinforces how Season 1 often focuses on technobabble wacky science mysteries or other lower tier TNG matter rather than fully appreciating DS9's unique potential.
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