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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I agree with those that say the premise of The Storyteller was poorly thought out. Were these Bajorans somehow different to the ones we had seen starting to recover from 60 years of occupation? Perhaps the occupation wasn't really that brutal, and therefore didn't unite the Bajorans? And then, perhaps, after all of this, only mighty O'Brien can come in and save the day with his stories?

I mean I like the guy, but seriously?

What stops this episode from bring ranked amongst the dreck season one is the Bashir/O'Brien interplay. It's so funny seeing the start of the great Julian and Miles relationship. Them not getting along at the start was played for laughs well, and their relationship would gradually develop to the point where it hurt a lot for them to be seperated. Their appearance together here stops the audience from totally giving up.

EDIT: The pic is brilliant! I forgot that DS9 and Community did a very special episode crossover.

Progress is a good episode that I'd forgotten existed, and is yet another reason why I love Kira and Bajor so much in the early years. Kira was put in the thankless position of having to move Mullibok, who wants to die where he lives. It was very poignant for Kira to realise how she had pretty much become what she had been fighting in the resistence, which is excellent viewing.

Kira resolves herself to help Mullibok build his kiln, which helps to give him some closure. But then she destroys it, which had me particularly open-mouthed. I couldn't believe it. There's some really good stuff in this essentially quiet episode.

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