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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well they finally told us how much dilithium were are getting for hitting captain. It's 80,000. Though apparently we can onlky claim it on one character.

Also they mentioned a nice Gold perk, basically if you don't play every day to refine dilithium what you have will be automatically refined when you next log in, but a week is the longest time this will cover.

The 500 day reward is being replace by a VA ship token.

And their adding an automatic refine feature that will cover the time between log ins up to a week.
Thatauto refine was a suggestion on STOked podcast...
VA ship toke is useless for anyone who already has received a VA ship the way i understand it. personally I can live with it, since I got 250 emblems on 8 toons before they pulled that one...
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