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Re: Save Enterprise Profic!

Acutally, I know of only three TOS novels slated for release next year (The Rings of Time, the Vanguard finale --which although set in the TOS timeframe isn't actually TOS-- and the DTI prequel Forgotten History) There's a TNG trilogy by David Mack, a TNG/DS9 duology by David R. George III, another Star Trek: Titan book and another Voyager adventure slated for release next year. Hardly "cut back on"

Also, there are fewer restrictions placed upon Trek authors than ever before, so blaming the book's failings on TPTB is nonsense. The Good That Men Do may have been awful (IMO, YMMV), but the authors were allowed to recon "These Are the Voyages" into oblivion, undo Trip's death and pull the events of the episode back from 2161 to 2156. Some amazing Star Trek novels have been written under far stricter guidelines.

One year without an Enterprise novel isn't a sign that the line is finished. There were virtually no TOS books in the run-up to STXI and no Titan this year
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