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Re: Save Enterprise Profic!

And I suppose that telling them -- politely and without insulting anybody -- what would entice you to buy the books isn't an option?

Look. A lot of people have made a strong case that fan apathy and vitriol killed the show, and I'm inclined to agree with them. The same thing is killing the books. And it isn't just Enterprise. They've pretty much cut back on all of them, except TOS, probably because of the reboot.

I think it's a pretty safe bet that Simon and Schuster and CBS think that the concept of Enterprise books in and of itself is a failure. They don't see this as a failure to connect with their target consumers. So simply not buying the books isn't going to point out that distinction to them. They just think, "Nobody wants Enterprise books." Not, "Nobody wants these Enterprise books."

I also see in various places where the blame is being placed on the author himself, with no consideration to the fact that he is operating under instructions and restrictions from CBS and Simon and Schuster. Again, it's an indicator that TPTB may simply be out of touch with what fans -- readers with money -- want.

One thing is for sure: waiting for them to say "no more books" GUARANTEES that you'll never see the kinds of books you want. So if we can even talk them into continuing to publish "mediocrity" as you put it, we can still get in there and swing the bat for what we actually do want. Sitting around message boards bitching about how awful and stupid they are doesn't help anybody, especially the people who want "better" books.

Here's a tip: words like "mediocre" and "rubbish" are likely to be off-putting to decision makers, as well as to people who might otherwise side with you. It's much better-framed as, "I love Enterprise and its characters, and I would love to buy and read more novels, but I feel like (fill in the blank) has been missing from previous releases." You can get the message across and still be nice about it.
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