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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

Last night was a lot of information to process and it left me with a few questions.

1. So, did werewolves first appear in the New World as part of a Viking settlement? That is just what I assume from what was said about the witches seeing a strong race living in the New World, and Alaric mentioning that it was Viking script on the cave walls.
2. The original family fled due to plague. Are we to assume it was the Bubonic plague or some unknown menance? If it was Bubonic, that does not seem to jive with the timeline. Unless we assume the Viking/wolves were living in the New World since they went a Viking and just plopped there far from Europe for a long time?
3. We see Klaus and Elijah in Europe aroud the 14th/15th century and that corresponds well with plague times. However, by that time they were aware of the doppelganger curse and were working to get everyone and his brother looking for the moon stone via the madeup Inca curse of the sun and moon. Are we to assume they knew that Incas were going to become common knowledge? Because no one in the West was supposed to "know" about them until the late 1400s/ early 1500s. Maybe they compelled Ferdinand and Isabella to send ships out?
- Also, one would assume it would take the family Petrova a few generations to spit out a doppelganger.
4. How does the original Petrova fit into this? Mama lays on the curse. One assumes she did it via the original woman in the Viking settlement. But Petrova sounds to be an Eastern European name. Did the family flee to escape Klaus?
5. Did Rebecca, Klaus and Elijah hunt down the wolves to protect themselves? (Catherine mentions that the werewolves had been relegated to legend almost.) They are scarce.
6. I assume Elijah turns on Klaus because he finds out that Klaus killed mommy dearest? Or Perhaps he just gets sick and tired of Klaus coffining everyone?
7. I guess Michael is ready to kill his children because he blames them for Esther's death?
8. If Esther was the original witch did she train other witches?
9. Why are "modern" vamps and werewolves so clueless. One can assume the wolves were so hunted and scattered that it broke down their communication. However, that does not explain why the vamps did not pass on a little history to one another once in a while.
10. Finally, how did Pearl know that Michael was entombed in Charlotte? He was entombed in there in the 90s and Pearl herself was dessicating in a tomb at that time. Did she just find out when she got out? That does not explain why Catherine said that Pearl never told her about Michael. Maybe Pearl was just that old and in the know but it bugs me. Catherine did not see Pearl post tomb did she?

I guess Klaus would not be able to rest easy at any point with Michael chasing him. That may explain why vampires were never able to rise to power. You needed to keep hopping to keep MyKill at bay. He seems to hate all the undead and will stake them if he has got them.
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