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I don't think the episodes as aired are necessarily the best sole guides of intent. I'm pretty sure that they went with what they deemed to be "good enough for prime time". Extra care and consistency was gravy, but falling short was clearly not a show-stopper.

Notes and background material used to develop the show should also be important things to consider too, but I don't have access to that stuff, beyond what can be gleaned from TMoST. The stuff in TMoST appears to have been quoted from the TOS writers/directors guide, which seems to contain nothing additional, and by the way thanks CRA for posting that in Captain April's Junk Drawer.

Canonical inconsistencies do occur. I think it's really a very complicated process to determine how much weight to give each individual element, that may be in the end, to borrow a phrase, more, hmm, art than science.
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