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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

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So the consensus is that the "missing" action scenes in "To Brave the Storm" are the editors fault? I find it hard to believe that ANY editor would eliminate a compelling action scene to reduce a book's length.
Welcome to market realities. If the publisher's accounting department thinks that they book will only be profitable (based on the known production costs & the sales figures for earlier books in the series) if it's under a certain length and thus price to print/ship, then the editor needs to keep it under that length or the book won't get published.

But does the EDITOR choose what gets removed? Or does the author. When a movie is edited the Director, Producer, and even some of the Actors get to help make decisions on what is removed. The movie is not handed to the Editor and never seen again. Does an editor really have the authority to excise large chunks of material without the authors approval? And why are we giving Martin a free pass on this one?
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