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On the "Alternative Factor" issues, we do see the crystals in a location that does not correspond to the other well-known location - the articulation frame under the floor of (one of the) Main Engineering control room(s).
Chronologically, the "other well-known location" didn't appear until sometime in Season 2 (our POV) or much later after the "Alternative Factor". We know the engine room sections undergo modifications throughout the series so as far as we know, in "Alternative Factor" that's where the crystals go in that ship configuration, IMHO.

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We see a blueshirt specialist handling them. We see Kirk's ship unaffected by the repeated thefts of crystals from the energizer, whereas removing a crystal from the articulation frame appears to deprive the ship of main power.
True, but the two times this occurs in "The Alternative Factor" there are gaps in the "stealing event" where we cannot say either way if the ship exhibited a "brown out" event like we see in other episodes.

"Mudd's Women" - each time a Lithium crystal circuit failed there was a buzz and a few seconds where the lights went out. Three circuits were blown protecting Mudd's ship while the 4th on the way to the miner's planet.

"The Alternative Factor" - the first 2 Dilithium crystals that were taken we never see the removal. There is a gap where we don't know if any side effects happened or not. The 2nd time where the last 2 were taken, again there was a gap where we don't know if there was a lights out event between Kirk boarding the turbolift and when he exits.

"Paradise Syndrome" - With the ship's power cranked to full for the deflector, Scotty ejects one Dilithium to look at a fracture, causing a noticeable drop in power.

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In "Mudd's Women", the ship came equipped with six crystals, after gods know how many had been lost to the Galactic Barrier in the pilot episode.
I don't believe so. We know that in "Mudd's Women" they lost 4 crystals and it only appeared prudent for Kirk to pick up a 2 spares since he had no time to examine them. There was no indication that the ship uses 6 crystals. The Enterprise we see in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" is different from the "Mudd's Women" one since the bridge is configured differently which would suggest after the Galactic Barrier the ship underwent modifications/refit before this episode which would have brought them back up to a full crystal load. *And I don't mean a cosmetic change in the bridge. The turbolift position and main viewer position moved (depending on your viewpoint) and the forward port rail is shorter due to the change for the 2nd Pilot bridge.
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