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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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I just hope they don't forget that Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were intended to be the first 2 parts of a trilogy.
Unless you can provide a link backing up your claim, that was never the case. CR was made purely as a stand-alone, Bond begins movie. Everything was pretty much resolved by the end of the film.

QoS was not a direct follow-up to CR until after CR hit and TPTB liked what they saw. Only then did they expand on the CR plot line.

QoS had its ending re-edited, intentionally so the series wouldn't be locked into having the next film be a follow-up.
Yeah and one thing I really like about CR/QoS is that they bookend each other really well. One starts in snowy Eastern europe and ends in sunny Italy, the other starts in sunny Italy and ends in snowy Eastern europe. At the start Bond is a man who can't see the bigger picture and kills a low level underling he should be trying to keep alive, and at the end he sees the bigger picture to such an extend that he doesn't kill the one man he probably really wants to, the Algerian who turned Vesper. At the start MI6 have no idea about Quantum but by the end they know the name of the organisation and, thanks to Bond, know many of the major players (guessing Guy Haines isn't a special advisor to the PM anymore) plus what Bond found out from Green, plus the Algerian guy they can now pump for further Bond foiled the Bolivian plot.

Personally I think Qauntum's major strength was that nobody knew it existed, now its in the full light of day I see it being much less of a threat.

Rather looking forward to a stand alone 007 adventure...
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