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The Dal'Rok was some sort of morality tale, something which Star Trek does a lot of. Stand united against a common enemy, realise that your have more in common than differences and so forth.
The problem is that it seems to suggest that people need mythical beings in order to be civilised, which is a concept I find highly objectionable. Not to mention the fact that the Sirah created a being that causes physical harm to people. He actually comes across as a bit of a conman, or an extortionist. He creates a monster that threatens to destroy the village and he's the only one that can stop it. He uses this power to give himself a privileged position within the community, a position that involves the townsfolk giving him gifts and his choice of the attractive young women to fulfil his sexual desires.

See, if you think about this episode for a half-second longer than you're supposed to, the scenario is highly questionable. But none of that matters because O'Brien and Bashir don't care, all they want to do is go home.
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