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Re: Eight reasons why X3 is an eternal crime against Geekdom

Having a new president or relatively minor logic gaffes didn't bother me. But as a non-fan of the comics, I didn't like how most of the characters from the previous two movies, at least the interesting and likable ones, seemed to keep disappearing or getting killed off only to be replaced by far less interesting and likable ones. Most of them seemed to be written just differently enough to be distracting too, like how Wolverine was suddenly more of a goodie-goodie, Professor X was more sinister, Jean Grey no longer had a personality at all (other than being ANGRY) and Storm was all of a sudden second only to Logan in terms of importance and screen time (I guess since all the other original good guys were dead by that point, it kinda made sense, but...). I'd probably hate it more if I was a die hard X-Men fan. As it is, it's just a lousy way to end a series. See also: Spiderman 3, Return of the Jedi, Star Trek Nemesis, etc.
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