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Re: Eight reasons why X3 is an eternal crime against Geekdom

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I never understood the complaints about the third one.
It's all explained above.

Presidents shouldn't have term limits; killing Jean was really about saving water as opposed to people, and thus pointless; a film NOT killing off Xavier is a problem because there's no point in watching any film that doesn't kill off Xavier; other main characters such as Cyclops or James T. Kirk should be unkillable; the quality of a film about Jean Grey is solely determined by its level of slavish adherence ( or lack thereof ) to the Dark Phoenix saga from the comics; underground X-mansion corridors, even if identical to the ones in Singer's films, are automatically inferior if Singer isn't around; when Jason Stryker falls into your lap, it makes you devilishly smart, but in other circumstances you're a punk if you need help to defeat a force whose weapons happen to be completely unaffected by your mutant power. Do not want.
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