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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

Finished The Big Time by Fritz Leiber, your Hugo-winning novel in 1958. It's a short but fascinating read... the backdrop is "The Change War", a temporal war going from a billion years in the past to a billion years in the future, with two sides changing the timeline back and forth to try and force their desired outcome. The kicker here is that the whole story is set in a "Place", an area outside time and space where soldiers can rest/recuperate/get medical attention before returning to the fight, told first-person by a woman who is an entertainer there. It almost reminded me of a play, with the whole thing revolving around interactions between people in a restricted setting. Some really cool ideas and one of those "hmmm-what-does-that-mean?" endings, too. I've only read Leiber's fantasy before.

Now on to Jack of Eagles by James Blish, a UK paperback with this lovely cover:

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