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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Don't knock The Storyteller. The best bits were Bashir/O'Brien, and the whole Dal'Rok thing was a wee bit interesting. The Dal'Rok was some sort of morality tale, something which Star Trek does a lot of. Stand united against a common enemy, realise that your have more in common than differences and so forth. I mean I know it's in your face like a big cow pat, but it's no different to Shakespeare (isn't that in your face with the overemphasised drama and monologues?)

The weakest bit was that Bajoran teenage girl leader, and the whole thing with Jake and Nog explaining to her how to solve her problems was like being told how 2+2=4. The thing that made this episode average (but enjoyable to watch) was Bashir and O'Brien. In particular O'Brien's dialogue saved the whole episode and his reaction to being 'the storyteller' was what made many bits of the episode funny (or at the very least engaging/riveting). I wouldn't say it's the worst of season 1, but it's more average.
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