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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

If people like the side-stories, fine. I understand that. But when you have a bunch of stories that don't really contribute to the central plot or developing key characters, it lacks any kind of pleasant flow. Too many of the scenes in this book lacked really deep character development or would drag on aimlessless. And what was with the skipping over the battle scenes? A Romulan ship is doing something peculiar . . . our ships have been disabled. Where are the interveneing minutes where the action should be? The war comes home with the attacks on Earth and Mars, but we only find out what happened on earth in a few lines of coversation between Archer and the admiral. Before that I was like, "What, I thought they stopped the attack?" All the jumping around in time made the story disjointed and the skipping of the really good parts made it lacking in action in drama. The book was just poorly organized and executed in a manner that made it frustrating to read.
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