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In "That Which Survives", Losira's sabotage of the engineering hull's M/AM core was enough to have a runaway ship.
We don't know exactly what was sabotaged there, but the effects were on the fuel flow, and the remedy, after all the usual backups failed to be of help, was to be found in tampering with the engineering hull systems. Scotty seemed to come up with this unconventional solution on the spot, even. I'd thus say this is not specific proof either for distributed or hull-centralized systems, merely for a solution that is to be found inside the hull.

Based on this episode, nacelles in TOS may well feature antimatter, but it seems to come from the engineering hull and can be prevented from doing so by tampering with things in the engineering hull.

Note: Since the nacelles generate energy then it's a good chance they have a m/am reactor in them.
A good chance, yes. But it might also be that subspace energies attract the beast, and all the nacelles do is convert, say, plasma energy to subspace energy.

Perhaps the three reactors spoken of in "Catspaw"
The very fact that three are mentioned suggests there are more than three:

"Channel the entire output of reactors one, two, and three into the relay stations."

Why not "the entire output of all the reactors" if there are just three?

the dilithium crystals are tied to the energisers in "The Alternative Factor"
Actually, the crystals apparently are placed in the energizers. Which might be argued to be evidence against them having anything to do with energizers normally, because they are undergoing exceptional treatment in this episode - they are being "reamplified" after having been "drained".

Are "energizers" mentioned anywhere else in TOS? In ST2, their (its?) role remains rather ill defined.

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