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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

Additional Thoughts:

Wherever Archer goes, the shadow of the Maru follows him. Aliens he’s never heard of before have heard of and dislike him for the Maru events. I didn’t find the events of the Maru’s destruction that controversial. How can so many aliens who would never be as charitable as Archer judge him for not risking his ship in crew to save another ship when it is being assaulted by a superior hostile force? I find it a bit of a stretch that word of this incident has spread so far, become so infamous, and emotions over it to last so long when more horrific things have happened since that time. We probably can remember singular disgraceful acts from the Iraq and Afgan War, but how many of us can remember the names of the officers who committed them?

I also keep wondering how Romulan physiology is still completely unknown across the quadrant. I know that TGTMD showed Section 31 and the Vulcan government covered this info up and that the Romulans are secretive but in all those battle sites, no Romulan bodies were discovered on a planet or amidst orbital debris? It would have made more sense for the entire war to be fought through the telepresence ships, telecapture devices, and long range missiles. I find it hard to believe that NO ONE in the course of the war saw a Romulan face and wartime propaganda didn’t capitalize on it and label the Vulcans as Americans often label the French.
T’Pau makes a brave move as a leader sacrificing her personal values to make a controversial decision to do the right thing for a greater good. She puts the needs of the many ahead of her Syranite conscious. I would say T’Pau, in fact, was the only strong and compelling character in the entire novel.

T’Pau’s willingness to help militarily temporarily but then return to indoctrinating Syranite ideals across Vulcan civilization may explain why we see few Vulcans in Starfleet in the 23rd century; the Vulcans have been attempting to root out violence from their culture. So Vulcans may contribute technology to Starfleet, their people at this time are trying to avoid violent engagements amongst their people. The problem with this theory is we know the crew of the USS Intrepid, Tuvok’s parents, and T’Prynn were all in Starfleet and these would have been raised while Syranite principles were becoming firmly entrenched in Vulcan society. Clearly, we could use more development of how Vulcan society evolved between the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Also, if this is the case, how and at which point did Vulcan society achieve a balance of pursuing peace but being willing to make war during the 24th century.
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