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Re: Mark Hamill: No more Joker

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
Ironically, Hammil can do Romero's Joker to a T, I've heard it on a talk show. At least Romero's Joker suited the material.
Yeah it's kind of a tricky thing. People also accuse Nicholson's Joker of being too hammy and cartoonish, but he also had plenty of moments that showed a more sadistic side to the character (plus it helps that Nicholson already brings his own dark and twisted energy to every role).

With BTAS, it just always felt to me like they softened the character up too much for the kids.

Christopher wrote: View Post
What George Romero did in the late '60s was produce and direct Night of the Living Dead. You're thinking of Cesar Romero.
Ha ha, oops.
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