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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I didn't realise just how bare bones Derby were until we actually kicked off. It sounds very much like our situation just before the last international break, so I have every sympathy for you this time. Is this Mason Bennett actually really good, then, or is he just in because he's all you have? At one point, it sounded like the rest of the team didn't want to pass to him, like they didn't trust him.

Very pleased with we played though. The commentators don't normally talk us up so much so we sounded excellent last night, especially Kiss. They were very quick to acknowledge Derby's problems too, which was nice. Can't believe we're 5th in November, and could be 3rd if we win Boro fail to win on Saturday. I love this league!

Leeds losing 5-0 at home brings a smile to the footballing world.
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