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Re: GTA V Announced

Looks good.
Some speculation:

The Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer dropped this morning (you saw it already, of course, unless you were stuck somewhere hiding out from the mob) and of course it didn't take long until the Speculation Train got itself a'rollin' around the Internets. First things first, that wasn't Ray Liotta you heard speaking in the trailer, Rockstar has confirmed, but of course that doesn't mean Tommy Vercetti is out of the picture entirely -- it is still a Grand Theft Auto game, after all.

PC Gamer has gone even further out on a limb to suggest that the trailer may indicate multiple playable characters in the game: We saw of course the older gentleman who was presumably doing the voiceover, but also a younger guy with a shaved head in the middle of a car chase, and an African American dude running from police choppers. All three were in the middle of that heist seen in the video, so presumably, if the speculation is true, the story will revolve around a heist that connects these three characters and their stories.

And could multiple playable characters mean GTA 5 might make for some co-op campaign gameplay? Roll on, Speculation Train, roll on!
I do hope there is some crossover with GTA4, like seeing or getting missions from some of the GTA4(main and expansion game) characters...
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