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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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Ideally Die Hard needs a good solid action director, as has been said they don't need anyone oscar worthy, but they are in the upper strata of ation fims and the writer/director should be commensarate with that.
Can we please clone James Cameron? Please tell me we have the technology to do that!

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IMO it's the same people who bitch about Terminator 3 & 4 or nuTrek.
I love nuTrek and liked T3 and T4 (I even prefer Salvation to T3, for what it's worth). I don't hate DH4.0, I even bought it on DVD. It's an okay movie with some great sequences, but it's just not a patch on its predecessors, even Die Harder. Jarod Russell's analysis of it earlier was spot-on, IMHO. Okay is not good enough for Die Hard - the original is the best action movie ever IMHO and, prior to 4.0 letting the side down, it had been the best action franchise ever (I think Mr Bourne has now stolen the title).
I don't know about the Bourne films being better than the Die Hard films. The Bourne Ultimatum leaves me cold. And The Bourne Supremacy committed a cardinal sin of sequels when they

I thought X-Men Origins: Wolverine was pretty good considering its limitations as a prequel and an origin story. It actually grows on me with repeat viewings, although it's still nowhere near as good as X-Men, X2, or X-Men: First Class.

The Terminator sequels mostly just suffer from being not directed by James Cameron, the man with the midas touch.
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