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Re: DS9: A continuation

Flashback 1

In the commanders office Kira sat behind her desk, she was busy writing up a series of reports. It was another ordinary day for her, there was nothing special about it, and why should it? The last year had been rather uneventful on DS9, though as DS9's commander Kira was glad it was like this. After the Dominion war, she wanted nothing more than a quiet and peaceful life.

The only major event was Bajor's admittance into the Federation, she had gone to dozens of meetings negotiating the terms of Bajor's membership. She had conversed with Shakaar many a time over that topic, both she and Shakaar managed to successfully convince the Federation to allow Bajor to keep the Bajoran militia and for Bajor to develop it's own planetary fleet specifically for Bajor's defence. The Federation had been remarkably generous and lenient in allowing Bajor to build it's own defences.

The night before in her quarters, she had prayed to the Prophets, asking them to guide Odo, and to watch over him. Everyday she prayed to the Prophets, and she thought about Odo and what he was doing in the Great Link. At first when Odo had left, it felt like there was a huge hole in her life, but she had gotten over that.

She bore no resentment towards Odo whatsoever, what he was doing was very important and highly worthy in her opinion, and by the looks of it he had been successful. For there were no Dominion fleets in the Alpha Quadrant and no Dominion attacks. Kira still loved Odo, but she had come to terms with the fact that he was probably never coming back to DS9.

It was all so very bittersweet as Odo had been so vague about how long he would be staying in the Great Link. Kira figured that if Odo hadn't returned back to DS9 or contacted her in over a year, then Odo would be staying in the Great Link indefinitely. It was nearly a year since Odo had returned to the Great Link, and slowly Kira was coming to the realisation that she had to move on.

Odo was gone, it was time she was truly glad for the time she spent with Odo, and to stop yearning for more time, although that was something she wasn't prepared to do. She wanted to move on from Odo but she couldn't, some part of her still hoped that he was coming back. Even if she got over this yearning, she wasn't sure if she wanted a relationship with another man, what she had with Odo couldn't be replaced.

But at least she and Odo had separated on good terms, and with no hard feelings. Unlike poor Ezri, only a week ago Ezri had separated from Bashir. Kira couldn't understand why the two had broken up, they had seemed so happy being together. Though whatever happened must have been horrible, as Ezri had left the station.

A few days ago Kira had received a message from Starfleet telling her that Ezri had taken shore leave, and that Ezri's request to be transferred off DS9 had been approved. Kira's whole heart went out to Ezri, she managed to have one brief conversation with Ezri before she left DS9. Never had Kira seen Ezri look so hurt and upset, though she got the distinct impression that Ezri wanted to put as much distance between herself and DS9 as possible.

The door chimed interrupting Kira's thinking, and Kira who was still working said, “Come in.” She didn't look up, as she was finishing a sentence to a report.

“Hello Nerys,” said the person who came in the room.

That voice sounded very familiar to Kira, and she looked up. It was Odo, and he was dressed in dull civilian clothes. Shock went through her whole body, this can't be real she thought, I must be dreaming! Her mouth became wide open from the shock. “Odo?” she said at last in a voice rife with disbelieve.

Odo smiled at Kira in a comforting manner, however Kira felt terribly shocked, for Odo had simply walked into her life again, and without warning. She didn't know what to say to him. “What are you doing here?” was the first thing she could think off.

Casting his eyes downwards a little, Odo briefly smiled at the question, before looking at her steadily in the eyes. “I've come here to see you,” he explained. “My work in the Great Link is now finished.”

Kira's mind was racing, if his work was finished... But what did that mean?

Odo seemed to sense her confusion. “Nerys, perhaps I didn't explain myself properly. For close to a year now I was the shapeshifter leader, but I've stepped down from that post. I rejoined the Great Link to teach them what I knew about solids and to change the Dominion into a more peaceful civilization. I have accomplished both, and so my task is complete.” The steady expression on Odo's face then changed into sadness. “However, in that year I missed you greatly, and that is why I've come back to DS9.”

Tears were brimming in Kira's eyes, and she blinked rapidly to stem them, she couldn't believe that this was happening, as this was what she had so badly wanted. “I've missed you so much you know,” she said quietly.

“How long are you going to be staying here?” she asked, although she dreaded the answer. She supposed that she should be deeply grateful that she was talking to Odo right now, but if he were to leave again...

The smile on Odo's face faded, he walked around Kira's desk, and he gently grabbed both of her hands with his own. “This isn't a one-off visit, I'm staying here onboard this station indefinitely. I know you weren't expecting this, and for that matter neither was I. When I left I gave you the distinct impression that I was never coming back to DS9. The truth is at the time I didn't know how long it would take to teach my people about humanoids, until there attitudes and feelings towards them became more positive. Though it took remarkably little time to do so, that is why I have returned.”

Something like joy was building up inside Kira, but there were a few niggling concerns. “What about the Great Link? I thought you wanted to spend your time with your people?”

“I have been with my people for nearly a year, though in the Great Link time has little meaning. What I experienced in the Great Link was momentous, it is simply beyond description, but what I had with you was also comparable to the Great Link, and more. I still love you Kira, and I want to be with you again, I hope you can allow me back in to your life.”

Joy flooded Kira's heart, while happiness emanated from her eyes, she could not believe her luck. “I love you to Odo.” She let go of Odo's hands and placed hers behind his shoulders; she then kissed him, and he was kissing her. The two kissed like they had never kissed before. Kira had forgotten the feel of her lips against Odo's...

It was a moment of bliss, the two then let go of each other. There was a deep and satisfied silence between the two, as each contemplated what had just happened. Finally Kira broke the silence. “I think I should you give a tour of the station,” she said, smiling widely.

“That would be great,” said Odo happily.

Together they left the office, Kira noticed the officers in Ops staring at her, but she didn't feel embarrassed. “Back to work then,” she ordered.

The officers turned back to their stations, and some were smiling, clearly they were deeply amused by what they had witnessed.

Kira and Odo entered the turbolift. “Promenade,” said Kira.

The turbo lift doors closed shut, and she smiled to herself, indeed she couldn't stop smiling. The reports could wait, and even the matter of reinstating Odo as chief of security could wait. For nothing was going to detract from what was probably going to be the best day of her life...
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