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when JFK was shot, during the Titanic adventure (both from "Rose"),
And both were the Ninth Doctor. That rules out either matching with Jack's timeline, since 9 regenerated right after Jack last saw him.
Yes, but Jack should have had no way of knowing that.
True, though my point was more that they weren't the Doctor Jack was looking for, rather than whether he would know.

I imagine that the he probably just didn't learn of the Doctor's presence at those events until after the fact. Jack turns up to investigate, but the Doctor is already long gone. It'd be pretty difficult, even with modern conveniences like transcontinental jet travel to get to a Doctor appearance before he buggers off, even if you find out about it the instant he arrives.

After all, doesn't Jack camp out on the rift in Wales because he knows the Doctor will come back to that exact place eventually?

ETA: I think we are overthinking this a bit.
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