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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Yesterday's episode has officially laid down the groundwork for what is going to be one big season-ending shitstorm for the characters. Either Jax is going to assume the hit on Tara was done by the rival Cartel the club have been warring with or find out it is being carried out by the Cartel they are working with. Either way, this is going to have consequences for the club's deal with the Cartel.

Once Gemma finds about the attempt on Tara's life and that Clay went ahead with it even after the talk with Gemma, I can see it being the beginning of the end of Clay and Gemma's relationship because now Clay's actions have not only endangered Tara but Jax and her grandchildren as well.

I hope Juice finds a way out of this mess he is in. Poor guy has been through enough. A part of me was saying, "HELL YEAH!" when he kicked Roosevelt's ass.

And I fear Otto may actually turn snitch aganist the club. But, honestly, can you actually blame him? I wonder, though, who actually killed his wife and if it is not the porn guy. Was it Clay? Was Jax right about blaming him back in Season 2?
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