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Re: X-Men (2000): still a darned good flick

It is a good film, and certainly important for what it set in motion as much as what it achieved in itself. It does have some unfortunately clunky moments, like the stilted exposition montage when Xavier shows Logan around the school, and the totally unfunny "Toad struck by lightning" line. But it's a very impressive film overall.

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Too bad the score couldn't use the animated series theme, I guess,
It almost does. Certainly the main theme seems to be inspired by the animated series' theme, with a similar melody and virtually the same rhythm and chord structure, at least for the first four bars.

and doesn't really have any memorable tunes,
I couldn't disagree more. I adore the soulful Rogue-Wolverine theme that's heard during her "death" scene in the torch and again in the end titles. In fact, I love Michael Kamen's score overall, because it's not a typical action-movie score, but sounds like something from a more dramatic, thoughtful kind of film. It gives it class and a distinctive flavor.

And while there are some minor inconsistencies between it and First Class, they really do feel like companion pieces in spirit as well as many details. Just goes to show how good this movie is when a prequel made ten years later, when audiences are far more primed for complex superhero stories, coheres as well as it does.
Just out of curiosity, what are the inconsistencies?
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