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Re: X-Men (2000): still a darned good flick

I remember when I first saw X-Men in theaters in July 2000 with my step-dad. For some reason I'll never forget that viewing experience. I remember loving the movie-viewing experience and commenting with my step-dad at the brisk pacing of the film. It felt like the movie was 5 minutes long since it whipped right on by- of course, it was around 90 minutes, which made sense. As an X-Men fan, the summer of 2000 was an incredible time. I remember getting X-Men comics, toys from the movie, and watching the movie again, and again, and again when it came to VHS.

X-Men is a terrific movie, and still holds up even today. I think what's so great about it is how much strife Bryan Singer had to endure in order to make the movie, from budget cuts, little studio support, actors dropping out, constant script re-writes, and its production schedule being cut by six months. Even taking all of those things into consideration, the movie is still fantastic. I think the success of X-Men ushered in a new wave of superhero cinema, and its existence is partially responsible for movies like Iron Man, The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2.

I still think X2 is a superior movie, but that's not to discount the success and quality of the first X-Men movie. It was really depressing to witness X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine after watching Singer imbue the first two movies with such dramatic and heartfelt authenticity. Fortunately X-Men: First Class washed away the godawful memories of those last two movies for the most part, but I think we're indebted to Singer for this new wave of incredible superhero cinema and for showing that comic-book movies, when treated with respect and love, can be just as good as any other drama out there.
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