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X-Men (2000): still a darned good flick

A pre-9/11 movie.

Man, this movie came out a long time ago. When I saw it in theatres, its Rogue was too old for me, and now she's too young. Whaddya know.

Anyhow, inspired by First Class-induced nostalgia, I gave this a spin last night to see if it hold up, and boy does it ever. I actually think it gets an underrated rap, and belongs in the top tier of superhero movies. Sure, Mags' big plot is a little silly, but it's an excellent way to bring Rogue and Wolvie into the X-fold. The cast is fantastic; it's particularly nice to see Stewart in a good movie for a change (zing!). The action is very well shot and edited, and darned cool, with some great cinematography. Too bad the score couldn't use the animated series theme, I guess, and doesn't really have any memorable tunes, but just about everything else is pretty great. And there's lots of great little touches that really elevate the movie: the cocktail glasses in Wolvie's flashback, Rogue's envious look at the happy mother and son in the train, Toad's funky/taunting dance, the "hey, no powers!" basketball game.

And while there are some minor inconsistencies between it and First Class, they really do feel like companion pieces in spirit as well as many details. Just goes to show how good this movie is when a prequel made ten years later, when audiences are far more primed for complex superhero stories, coheres as well as it does.

Mad props to the Singer-man, yo. A-
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