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Jack was part of Torchwood ... Torchwood, Canary Warf, Daleks fighting Cybermen ... It works if you don't think too hard about it.
but Jack was not part of Torchwood 1, so even thinking about it for a moment it doesnt work, yet alone thinking hard about it.
"They had Cybermen in Spain" - Ten, to Donna in Runaway Bride. They were all over the world, not just in that one centralized place. We just call it the CW battle for convenience, cuz that's where it ended.

Surely, Jack and his TW team were fighting the Cybs somewhere.
I suppose it is possible that Torchwood Hub, had a Cyber invasion of its own to deal with, but if we are going to over think it, wouldnt Jack have something to say about the whole plan, and the pretence that its ghosts?

I had so far made the choice not to comment about RTDs and Skins
Im Proud of the BBC
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