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Looks quite a bit better. Have they changed their engine or is it just improved, I wonder? It looks like it's capable of higher res. Speaking of RDR, I just finished it this weekend. It would be quite fun to see the RDR world in a GTA game to see how it's evolved since the old west.
Nah, it's still the RAGE engine, just as Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption used. We're near -- or at -- the dusk of this console generation, and it wouldn't make sense for Rockstar to put the resources into developing an entirely new engine that would only be used for one game.

I just hope that V can strike a better balance between the character's story and the actual gameplay. Niko's constant moaning of "I killed people, so many people, I want to get away from that life" followed by shooting ten dudes for a hundred bucks was incredibly inconsistent, and it's why I still like Vice City the most out of the Grand Theft Auto series -- Tommy Vercetti was an unrepentant psychopath, much like the protagonist in the Saints Row series.
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