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To get back on topic (not that I mind straying), I've quickly gone through the transcrips on Using key word searches like Nacelle, pod, intermix, antimatter, I've collected some key quotes for us to go through.

Now of course some context was omitted from this due to the size, but I wanted to start somewhere. Remember, I just quickly collected this over the past 30 minutes.

Some quotes are stand alone. Some are more then one line of dialogue (no spaces between those sentences).

What I would like to do, is go through them more slowly expanding on key words to include engine, crystal, and power.

[COLOR=#606420]Where No Man Has Gone Before[/COLOR]

SPOCK: Main engines are out, sir. We're on emergency power cells. Casualties, nine dead.

Captain's log, Star date 1312.9. Ship's condition, heading back on impulse power only. Main engines burned out. The ship's space warp ability gone.

KELSO: Well, the main engines are gone, unless we can find some way to re-energise them.
MITCHELL: You'd better check the starboard impulse packs. Those points have about decayed to lead.

SPOCK: Recommendation one. There's a planet a few light days away from here. Delta Vega. It has a lithium cracking station. We may be able to adapt some of its power packs to our engines.

Captain's log, Star date 1313.3. Note commendations on Lieutenant Kelso and the engineering staff. In orbit above us, the engines of the Enterprise are almost fully regenerated.

[COLOR=#606420]The Naked Time[/COLOR]

Captain's Log, stardate 1704.4. Ship out of control, spiraling down towards planet Psi 2000. We have nineteen minutes of life left without engine power or helm control.

SCOTT: He's turned the engines off. Completely cold. It will take thirty minutes to regenerate them

SCOTT: Captain, you can't mix matter and antimatter cold. We'd go up in the biggest explosion since
KIRK: We can balance our engines into a controlled implosion

[COLOR=#606420]The Enemy Within[/COLOR]

SPOCK: Apparently, this double, however different in temperament, has your knowledge of the ship, its crew, its devices. This being the case, perhaps we can outguess him by determining his next move. Knowing how the ship is laid out, where would you go to elude a mass search?
KIRK: The lower levels. The Engineering deck.

[COLOR=#606420]Mudd's Women[/COLOR]

SULU: We're overloading, Captain. Engine temperatures climbing.
CREWMAN [OC]: This is the Engine room. Temperatures are passing the danger line.
FARRELL Our deflector screen's weakening, sir. We can't protect them much longer. (lights flicker)
SULU: That was one of our lithium crystal circuits, sir.

SCOTT: Our last crystal, sir. It's gone.
SULU: Captain Kirk, engineering section reports our entire life-support system is now on batteries.
KIRK: Mister Spock. Miss McHuron, would you mind. Mister Spock, will you contact the miners on Rigel 12? Notify them that we'll need the lithium crystals immediately upon arrival. (all officers leave)

[COLOR=#606420]The Corbomite Maneuver[/COLOR]

BAILEY [OC]: Engineering, deck five, report. Phaser crews, come on, let's get with it. Phaser station two, where's your green light?

SPOCK: We're superheating. Intermix temperature, seven thousand four hundred degrees. Seven five, seven six, eight thousand degrees. (everything is juddering, the little ship is getting brighter and brighter)

[COLOR=#606420]The Apple[/COLOR]
KIRK: Then use your imagination. Tie every ounce of power the ship has into the impulse engines. Discard the warp drive nacelles if you have to, and crack out of there with the main section, but get that ship out of there!
SCOTT: Tractor beam gone. Potency returning to antimatter
KIRK: We'll do the walking, Scotty. You get on the antimatter pod. If it gets worse, let me know, we'll beam up. Kirk out pods.
KIRK: Kirk here.
SCOTT [OC]: Scott, sir. Our antimatter pods are completely inert.

[COLOR=#606420]The Doomsday Machine[/COLOR]

SPOCK: I would say none, Captain. The energy generated by our power nacelles seems to attracts it. I doubt we could manoeuvre close enough without drawing a direct attack upon ourselves.

WASHBURN: We made a complete check on structural and control damage, sir. As far as we can tell, something crashed through the deflectors and knocked out the generators. Somehow the antimatter in the warp drive pods has been deactivated.
KIRK: Deactivated? Scotty, could some kind of general energy dampening field do that, and would the same type of thing account for the heavy subspace interference?

[COLOR=#606420]I, Mudd[/COLOR]

NORMAN: I am in total control of your ship. I have connected the matter-antimatter pods to the main navigational bank. A trigger relay is now in operation. Any attempts to alter course will result in immediate destruction of this vessel.


SPOCK: Helm does not answer, Captain.
KIRK: Neither do the pods. Communications are dead. Building overload. Cut all power relays.

[COLOR=#606420]By Any Other Name[/COLOR]

SCOTT: I have opened the control valves to the matter-anti-matter nacelles. On your signal, I will flood them with positive energy.
KIRK: What?

[COLOR=#606420]Bread And Circuses[/COLOR]

SPOCK: No doubt about it, Captain. The space debris comes from the survey vessel SS Beagle.
KIRK: Missing for six years, and now this junk in space.
SPOCK: Portions of the antimatter nacelles, personal belongings. Captain, no signs of bodies whatsoever.

[COLOR=#606420]Elaan of Troyius[/COLOR]

SCOTT: The anti-matter pods are rigged to blow up the moment we go into warp drive.

[COLOR=#606420]That Which Survives[/COLOR]

SPOCK: Please do not take your eyes off of it. Lieutenant Rahda, arm the pod jettison system.
RAHDA: Aye, sir. I'll jettison the pod at the first sign of trouble.

[COLOR=#606420]The Savage Curtain[/COLOR]

KIRK: Scotty, inform Starfleet Command. Disengage nacelles, Jettison if possible. Mister Spock, assist them. Advise and analyse. Scotty? Scotty?

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