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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

I saw Captain America for the first time on Sunday and
all I have to say is A+. What a delightful and entertaining move. I knew that Joe Johnston knows how to make a great superhero movie-I saw The Rocketeer in sneaks before release and was blown away by it-and he did.

What I loved about Cap was the spirit of idealism the movie embodied. Chris Evans' Steve Rogers was a Capraesque hero. Not a great man but a damned good one. He had the spirit of a hero and the body of a wimp and then science fixed Mother Nature's fuck ups and he became the hero of heroes.

Not since Superman: The Movie have a seen a superhero movie that was patriotic without tons of flag waving and inspiring without being corny. It was a rousing and upbeat film that didn't even remotely try to be dark and depressing. It was a feel good movie that truly made me feel good.

However maybe I'm not the best judge. I'm a comic geek and geared to love this movie. So I'll let the non geeks weigh in.

My five year old daughter hid when Hugo Weaving unmasked and revealed his red skull and she cried when Cap seemingly died. Must have really loved the character to have that kind of reaction and thusly enj9yed the movie.

My wife who is not into superheroes was commenting on every frame of the movie. Surprised from Evans' transformation from zero to hero and wondering how long they had to stop production for him to bulk back up. Don't worry I explained it to her and she was surprised that special effects are that good. Hell even I'm surprised at how far they've come. But beyond that she grooved on the movie and was surprised as hell when Cap woke up in the 21st Century and was sad he didn't get his date with the girl at the end. The true sign that the movie worked for her was: "How long do we have to wait for the next one to come out?"

She was please when I said: "Next summer."

Damn good movie!
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