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Thanks for the transcription and annotations - I got most of the references but not all of them. But I don't get the Ming Mong bit. Is this some nickname or something? The page on that link seems to be just copied from Wikipedia.
You're welcome. Try this interview with RTD and Benjamin Cook on The Writer's Tale;

“‘Ming-mong’ is entirely down to Clayton Hickman and Gareth Roberts,” Benjamin explains mischievously, neatly absolving himself of any responsibility, “after having seen a 1980s episode of Victoria Wood’s sketch show. Jim Broadbent was playing Doctor Who, and Victoria Wood was playing his assistant, and one of the lines in that is ‘Doctor, have you got the ming-mongs?’, which was just a line to stand in for any of the technobabble you get on Doctor Who. And it’s just the most brilliant term. It’s used – with absolute affection, always – towards [Doctor Who fans].

“I am proud to say that I am a ming-mong,” Benjamin Cook grins, much to the amusement of the man sitting next to him.

“I’m trying to clamp down on [that word],” interrupts Russell T Davies – for it is he! – “because I don’t like it.”

“Whereas I disagree with Russell completely on that,” Benjamin counters, “and will try to get ‘ming-mong’ into every conversation, because it’s a wonderful word. I am a ming-mong!”

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I have a question about the Ballad of Russel & Julie, when did they bring Jack back to fight against the Cybermen?
They didn't, it just scans well.
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