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Re: Art that doesn't need its own thread

Remember Lincoln Enterprises, the merchandising company that Roddenberry set up in the '70s? I used to have a few things that I bought from them - a science division patch, an animation cel, the collection of Kelly Freas's portraits of the crew from TOS (best Uhura painting ever ), and an envelope of film clips, frames that had been left on the cutting room floor, and they apparently collected them up, cut them into individual frames, and sold them as 'grab bags.' Recently, I found that old envelope, and was looking through the clips - imagine my surprise when I found this, apparently from a test shot on the bridge, before production of the series even began:

Okay, just kidding - this was a shot I did of a number of Poser freebies I've made; it was rendered in color, but when I was doing postwork on it, one blend mode made it b/w, and I just couldn't resist taking it to the limit . But all the rest of the stuff was absolutely true ...
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