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Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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I think I heard somewhere that when Skyrim comes out the bulk of the Bethesda team will start working on Fallout 4, which is pretty exciting.
Pretty bloody terrifying is what I call it. Bethesda doesn't know a thing about FO. They really should let Obsidian, aka Black Isle MKII, do FO4.
True, Bethesda's story writing leaves a lot to be desired. They are, however, one of the few games developers that are at least attempting vast, open-world games (even if their games are buggy as hell).

I do hope that Obsidian have a part in creating the game, considering how much better FNV was than F3, but I doubt they will. Well, maybe they'll develop F4.5.

Either way, I know I will have fun with Fallout 4, considering I spent over 500 hours playing F3 and FNV. Yes, I have also played the first two.
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