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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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As long as they don't trot Angelina Jolie out I'll be ok...
I realize it's something of a recurring gag to dump on Angelina Jolie, for some strange reason...but what's wrong with her being in a Bond film?
Much as with Halle Berry I just think she's too big/would demand too much for the role. I know they wanted her for CR and I'm glad they didn't get her. Eva Green wasn't perfect as Vesper but she was much better than I suspect Jolie could have been (I wish Rose Byrne had got it personally), plus she could have potentially overhsadowed Craig who was a bit of an unknown quantity back then. I understand why they were doing it, for similar reasons they cast Rigg in 69, but I just think it would have become all about Jolie.

She probably would work much better now that Craig is an established Hollywood star but I'd still rather an unknown or someone a bit less A-list like Weisz.
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