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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

After a slow start with season two premiere, all my thoughts of this show having a sophomore slump have vanished.

Wow! TWD has been on fire this season. These last two episodes have been great.

I thought second episode was very good. I liked the scene that started the episode with Lori and Shane in the past. Very LOST like. I only hope we got more of those in future episodes. The new characters at the farm were pretty interesting. Something weird is going on with the doctor, finding that place seems almost too good to be true.

The third episode was one of my favorites. I loved Shane sacrificing Otis to save himself and possibly Carl. What he did was so cruel, but he can accept that it was for got greater good. I've come to accept the fan theory that Otis being alive and screaming made better zombie bait. The writers have been doing a good job making Shane interesting and the actor is talented enough for the role.

All the scenes with the zombie army at the school was pretty tense.

They need to find little Sophia already! I'm sick of Carol crying all the time in her scenes. I really hope it doesn't take the entire season to get the kid.

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