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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Temis, good point about silencers. All the times we've been shown (as you so eloquently put it) that a gun shot is a "Zombie Dinner Bell", I've asked myself several times, why they haven't obtained silencers.

Definitely time for them to raid a Gun shop
I'm so so glad they haven't included 'movie silencers' in this show. Basically a real life gun shot from a suppressed weapon is still LOUD, not as loud and possibly harder to pinpoint, but suppressors aren't the ridiculous magic technology movies and TV shows portray.
But loud enough to signal zombies that it's chow time? And it would depend on how close the zombies were. Any suppression of noise would be an advantage.

Sometimes you need a damn gun, like when that zombie attacked Andrea out of nowhere. I can't believe any of these people are willing to walk around unarmed. At the very least, I'd want a gun so I can kill myself in an Otis-type situation.

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Also regarding silencers, they are illegal pretty much everywhere without very special licensing. So, trying to get/find one would be almost impossible.
That's what I was wondering. Considering the shit you can buy legally, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the average joe could find one.

Has anyone else considered what would have happened if Shane had been the one with a matching blood type and Rick had gone with Otis?
I was wondering why there wasn't anyone around with O-positive blood, who could donate for A-positive Carl. O-positive is the most common blood type.

Or maybe he would've just planned a better escape strategy...
Like save half the flares for their escape? I still can't believe they didn't think of that!!!
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