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Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

Well this was the first e-book i've ever bought and I wasn't disappointed!

I wonder Christopher, what it was like writing about these events in the fictional setting while they were happening in the Middle East? To me it seemed to harken back to Classic Trek, by raising an issue that is happening around us and putting a "human" face on it (it made me consider just how bloody terrifying it must have been for all those who took part in the uprisings, both in the Arab Spring and historically)

I personally don't feel it was that rushed, though I can understand why the comment is me it felt more like one of the (better) stand alone episodes of TNG - a set up, a diverging A and B plot and a wrap up at the end...The plot didn't dawdle, it moved from one thought to another without delay, and it was efficient, it didn't meander, the story evolved logically allowing character growth without impeding the narrative. Since Christopher's novels tend to be more cerebral (that is to say they spend more time questioning the why and explaining their points clearly) this was a certainly a change of pace!

I think if this had been a full novel then it would have been easily the best of the Typhon Pact series (hell, even as an E-Book I still lean in that direction) since giving it a score out of ten would be meaningless, I will simply say that it is Most Highly Recommended!
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