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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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^ Well, I hope you know that I don't fall into that bracket.

I'd be quite happy for McG to make DHV. He's at least got his own style and the action scenes in T:S were excellent.
I think so. I understood your post to mean you like T:S.
I was just also saying it's a film bashed unfairly, not linking you with that. Sorry for any confusion.

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Also, on a related note... Expendables 2, is that cast list on imdb someone's fantasy draft or are those like confirmed players? Chuck Norris? Van Damme? Hells yeah!
Those are for real. Here is a set pic with Norris and some of the returning cast.

Related to E:2, during some stunts last week sadly a stunt person was killed another injuried
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